Trump Drops Three Cryptic Words – Now Everyone Trying To Decipher Its Meaning

Former President Donald Trump is an astute businessman. He follows a distinct set of guidelines than other politicians. His rapid, decisive replies appear to have a deeper meaning than meets the eye at times.

A message from Trump was released on August 11, 2021, that said, “BULLIES NEVER FIGHT.” Many are speculating on what that means. Whether it’s directed at an individual or a group or any of the above, only Trump knows the answer.

Mike Lindell’s election symposium that happened August 10-12 may have something to do with that or election audits in general. The Democrats have been known to be bullies to other people. Trump will have his time in politics again at some point. The midterm 2022 election will change a lot of things around, or at least we’re hopeful.

Andrew Cuomo also released a video saying that he’s resigning and isn’t fighting back to keep his spot as governor. Trump and Cuomo didn’t get along very well. Cuomo told Howard Stern in April 2020 that nobody clashed with Trump worse than he did but agreed that they were both New Yorkers and came speaking their mind with it.

It probably means an insult to the Democratic party or others that won’t stand up against bullies in politics. Republicans have been passing bills with Democrats that negatively affect the American people, and many states aren’t pushing back against the federal government’s oppressive mask or vaccine mandates. Interestingly, even Democratic governors aren’t mandating masks as they did in the first round of Covid-19 madness.

Democrats from Texas are also about to get arrested for leaving the state during Governor Greg Abbott’s special House session and are cowardly sucking up to the federal government to help them out. They aren’t even fighting. They’re crouching down behind a lawsuit claiming they have the freedom not to be arrested. It’s a weak stance, and most politicians are vulnerable.

Trump has a way of attacking everyone at once with short and direct statements such as this one. It’s a message to the American people to keep fighting and move forward. Republicans have a habit of doing nothing in the face of scrutiny and tyranny. Our country was founded on rebellion, and it’s seeping out of everyone’s pours. If you’re a Democrat, pay attention. It is a call for everyone to stand up for freedom from both sides of the aisle. If you don’t stand up for Republicans, they won’t have the opportunity to stand up for you when you need it. The same goes for Republicans. Please stand up for Democrats when they need it; otherwise, they won’t be able to do the same.

Bipartisan opposition to federal government overreach is the exact pathway forward, and that may have been what Trump was trying to convey.

Trump also put out another message about the infrastructure bill. He called Americans to wake up in the face of the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill and said it’s now called the $3.5 trillion Communist Plan to Destroy America.

He’s right. The bill will raise taxes and add taxes on things we usually didn’t pay tax on, such as a mileage tax on vehicles. The bill would also make vehicle manufacturers add blood alcohol testing to cars within three years, which violated your fourth amendment rights. Driving While Impaired detection is standard in policing, but when it comes to blood alcohol reading, by law, you have to have consent or a search warrant to obtain the test. Manufacturers who mandate this wouldn’t violate your rights because they’re free to make that decision, and you’re free to stop giving them your money. However, when the government mandates the vehicle manufacturers get a blood alcohol reading that inhibits your driving privilege, it violates your fourth amendment rights. Many will argue that it doesn’t because driving is a privilege, but they’re wrong. Although it’s a privilege, any method of testing your blood requires consent or a search warrant. But if your breath leaves your body, isn’t it technically able to be tested? Not in your vehicle. Your vehicle extends your home and can’t be searched without probable cause or a search warrant. I anticipate many lawsuits over this matter. Especially since the “blow and go” method is mainly unreliable and expensive. Even breathalyzers have a time and test that requires they be calibrated for accurate readings.

Biden is ruining this country. He needs to go. Suitable on Trump for calling out the bullies.