Trump Campaign Announces Major Fundraising Haul

The campaign of former President Donald Trump announced a significant fundraising haul after his conviction in a New York court earlier this week. The major fundraising news came as the former president remains ahead of President Joe Biden in a number of national and swing state polls.

Trump’s campaign set a new record following the jury’s decision this week. The campaign announced that it received a “a record shattering small dollar fundraising haul” after the conviction.

The fundraising was “nearly double the biggest day ever recorded for the Trump campaign on the WinRed platform,” said Trump’s team.

“From just minutes after the sham trial verdict was announced, our digital fundraising system was overwhelmed with support, and despite temporary delays online because of the amount of traffic, President Trump raised $34.8 million dollars from small dollar donors,” said the former president’s campaign.

The announcement also announced that almost 30% of the donors were new ones.

The former president also said that he made major fundraising gains during a press conference Friday.

An email from the Trump campaign said that he was “just convicted in a RIGGED political Witch Hunt trial.”

The number of visitors to a major Republican Party caused the site to crash following the announcement of the conviction.

“My end-of-month fundraising deadline is just DAYS AWAY!” the email said.

“People are fed up and rightfully so following President Trump’s sham trial and outrageous verdict,” said House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA).

“We broke fundraising records last night, but we can’t stop there. Go to to continue standing with President Trump and help grow our House majority,” Johnson added

Trump also held a press conference following the announcement. The Friday morning event saw the former president accuse Judge Juan Merchan of being “conflicted.” He also criticized the gag order placed against him by the judge regarding criticizing the jury, prosecution and court officials.

The former president said that he wanted to testify in the case, but was afraid of being accused of perjury.