Trump Calls For Early Voting

Former President Donald Trump endorsed early voting and absentee balloting this week, calling them essential to winning the election in November. The comments came after the former president initially expressed deep skepticism about mail-in balloting.

Trump said in a statement that the Republican Party should use “every appropriate tool to beat the Democrats” this week. This includes mail-in ballots, which Trump previously said were prone to fraud. Trump previously called mail-in voting “totally corrupt” and a “hoax.”

The effort is part of the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) new “Swamp The Vote USA” program.

Trump asked that “whether you vote absentee, by mail, early in-person or on election day, we are going to protect the vote. We make sure your ballot is secure and your voice is heard. We must swamp the radical Democrats with massive turnout.”

“The way to win is to swamp them, if we swamp them with votes they can’t cheat. You need to make a plan, register and vote any way possible. We have got to get your vote,” he added.

Democrats have used mail-in balloting in significantly higher numbers in the last several elections. Such ballots were likely the difference in the 2020 election.

The first set of polling taken after Trump’s New York conviction appear to show little change in support for him or Biden. The large majority of Republicans said that they would still back Trump after the verdict.

Furthermore, the former president has been bolstered by other recent polling that appeared to show him ahead in most or all swing states. These states will likely decide the fate of the Electoral College and the White House.

The former president also polls better on many individual issues facing Americans. Polls taken this year have consistently shown Trump with a significant lead over Biden on questions of who would better handle policies related to the economy, inflation, crime and the border.

Trump has also pulled into the lead in a number of national polls, as well.