Top Transgender Group Deletes Minimum Age Guidelines For Treatments

One leading international transgender health group, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), has removed its minimum age guidance for starting transgender treatments.

WPATH issued a correction on Sept. 15 to the International Journal of Transgender Health that deleted sections of its original guidance. That material, published just days prior, proposed minimum ages for several types of radical medical and surgical procedures.

The organization is made up of doctors around the globe who treat transgender patients. A draft version of the new guidelines, which had not been updated in a decade, was leaked earlier this month.

In it, WPATH claimed that hormone therapy could begin safely at 14 instead of the previous recommendation of 16 years of age. It also said that sex reassignment surgeries may start at ages 15 or 17, also younger than the earlier guidelines.

But those recommendations flew out the window when the organization decided to “correct” age restrictions for “gender-affirming care.” Instead, now it is based simply on stages of puberty.

What are these procedures? The list is long and includes double mastectomies, male and female genital mutilation and even removal, procedures for feminization or masculination of facial structure, and hormone treatments.

Also included are puberty blockers known to cause chemical castration.

The guidance now says that “more recent guidelines suggest there may be compelling reasons to initiate (gender-affirming procedures) prior to age 16.” It does admit, however, that there are limited studies on children who have started hormone treatments before reaching 14 years old.

Chest mutilation procedures are supposed to, according to WPATH, be decided upon by a “multidisciplinary team experienced in adolescent and gender development.”

These procedures are now done by clinics on 15-year-old girls.

There is also a suggestion for performing a procedure called vaginoplasty on minors, which removes the penis and constructs a vagina-like organ out of other tissues.

It is no wonder that some states are fighting back against this so-called “care,” and now WPATH wants to remove even the protection of minimum ages for minors. At what point does the country decide that enough is enough and protect children from irreversible medical procedures?