Top Democratic Congressional Group is in Big Trouble

The Democrat Party has truly dug itself into a hole ahead of the midterms.

Within a little over a year of having complete control of the federal government, America is quickly falling down the drain on the Democrats’ watch. Inflation, for starters, is higher than it’s been in decades. Gas prices aren’t too far behind, either.

On top of this, Biden stated earlier in March that Americans need to be prepared for shortages of food in the nation. Projected food shortages come on top of current labor shortages, supply chain shortages, and more.

As the country battles all these issues, Democratic leadership is embarrassing America on the world stage. All things considered, it’s not a shock that Democrats are projected to lose the November midterm elections.

According to Breitbart News, this forecast has translated to very bad news for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Unpaid Dues to the DCCC

As Democrats sense their impending doom this November, dozens of left-wing House members have decided not to pay their party committee dues.

55 House Democrats fall under this umbrella, to be precise. This has led to a situation where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is begging members of her party to pay the money they owe to the DCCC.

Yet, House Democrats don’t want to do this, seeing as they’re on track to losing their majority in the chamber anyway. For 55 Democratic House members, the prevailing mindset seems to be there’s no point in paying up if Republicans are just going to retake the chamber in a matter of months.

The plot thickens, though. Many of the House Democrats refusing to fork over dues to the DCCC are either running for different positions in government or retiring from public office altogether. In their cases, there truly is no incentive for them to pay any more money to the DCCC.

Another Nail in Democrats’ Coffin

For months on end, polls have shown Democrats being on track to losing the midterms. Yet, the reality that dozens of House Democrats are refusing to pay dues to the DCCC shows just how much trouble the party knows it’s in.

Apparently, Pelosi is keeping a list of the party members who aren’t paying up. However, what she and the DCCC fail to realize is they dug themselves into this current hole.

The House Speaker and other Democratic lawmakers helped enable Biden’s horrible policies that are wreaking havoc today. Now, the consequences of these very same policies are coming back to bite Democrats in both expected and unexpected ways.