Three Deaths and Counting at Arkansas Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Three people were killed and another 10 were injured in a shooting at the Mad Butcher grocery store in Fordyce, Arkansas, around 11:30 a. m. Friday, according to Arkansas State Police.

During a Friday afternoon press conference, Arkansas State Police Secretary of Public Safety and Director Mike Hagar says two law enforcement officers were among the injured but that their wounds are non-life-threatening.

Travis Eugene Posey, 44, of New Edinburg, Ark., is in custody and no longer a threat to the public after exchanging gunfire with state police. Posey will be charged with three counts of capital murder, and other charges are pending as the state police investigation is still not yet complete.

Hagar said injuries to the victims vary from non-life-threatening to critical.

“It’s tragic, our hearts are broken,” Hager said. “Our prayers, along with Governor Sanders and the entire state of Arkansas, will be with this community and those affected victims.”

A witness who works at Holt Builder’s Supply across the road from the Mad Butcher told Fox News Digital that he heard “about three rounds” and saw victims being airlifted.

Around 11:30 to noon, “it was pretty crazy,” said a store employee who described seeing officers scrambling from what appeared to be all types of agencies and police officers running around the pharmacy across the street. He also watched as a medevac helicopter came down to the hospital helipad, located not too far away.

During her campaign, Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR) wrote on social media she had been briefed about the situation and was in “regular” contact with State Police found at the scene. She thanked law enforcement and first responders for their quick action that saved other lives and offered prayers for the victims of the crime.

Odis Allen has lived in Fordyce for 60 years and was shocked to hear the news saying they never thought something like this could happen in Fordyce. He also said, “And my first thought is that this would never happen in Fordyce, Arkansas.”

A second witness described FOX 16 the shooter as having “ruin[ed] a community today” and expressed her wish that people would, “spread more love instead of hate.”

Standing next to the gas pump just yards away, David Rodriguez said he first thought the shots sounded like fireworks. He also saw people running out of the Mad Butcher grocery store and a person laying on the ground.

Roderick Rogers, a local pastor, told FOX 16 that he got calls from some of his members regarding the incident. He reportedly reached out to the mayor and police right away. Rogers, who has lived in Fordyce his whole life, said he never thought something like this could happen in their small town. He asked the community to pray for everyone, “hopefully they make it through this together.”

Fordyce, population 3,200, is about 65 miles south of Little Rock.