This ALARMING Video Shows What’s Happening To Our Military Under Joe Biden

The military under President Joe Biden’s administration has gone full “woke.” General Mark Milley is giving information to China, and now soldiers will be discharged from the military if they don’t get the Covid-19 vaccine. It’s estimated that over 100,000 military members aren’t vaccinated, which will contribute to Biden’s mandates being a national security threat, while the southern border is wide open with no vaccine mandate. The members of society who hold jobs and get vaccinated are paying into the system providing welfare to those who aren’t vaccinated and doing whatever they want. 

Even basic training has been cut short, and it’s been noted by Angry Cops in his viral videos, most notably the video where a cadet tells military Sergeant Major that he thought basic training was going to be more challenging.

THIS?! replaced the Shark Attack in Basic Training?!?!

The video truly encompasses what the military has become and how it’s changed over the years. The creator of Angry Cops is Richard Hyde, a drill sergeant for the National Guard and current police officer. If anyone would know, it’s him. 

In a recent viral video, a female drill sergeant leads a group of military members in a chant while marching. The chant is about Martin Luther King Jr. and doesn’t precisely go full “woke,” but might cross the line of march curriculum. Martin Luther King Jr. was an important figure for the civil rights movement in the 1960s and is still relevant today.

His accomplishments have made way for civil discourse and conversation about race in the United States and how to make a way forward. It’s okay that the drill sergeant wants to bring that type of chant into the marches, but how far does it go? 

Milley is crossing some lines between what is relevant for national security and relevant to the Democrat party, and others have followed suit. The whole point of basic training is to learn how to work as a team and get through complex tasks while you’re bombarded with physical and mental stimulation. There could be some parallels between the fight that MLK fought and the struggle in basic training, but it would seem more fitting to have a chant similar to:

Basic Training Marching Cadence: I Left My Home

It would be far more appropriate for the duty that the soldiers volunteered for. It didn’t take long for others to notice the “I left my home” chant:

I Left My Home – MJHanks feat. @Topher  and @The Marine Rapper  [LYRIC VIDEO]

MJHanks teams up with veteran rappers The Marine Rapper and Topher in the song, who got extreme criticism for performing at former President Donald Trump’s rally on January 6th. Still, they had no involvement in the riot that ensued after.