The White House Admits Joe Biden’s 2020 Campaign Was A Scam

In 2020, the optics of the Democrat party was to stop Covid-19 and end racism altogether. Nobody could have guessed that President Joe Biden would make such a disaster out of his presidential policies and executive orders, but here we are.  

Biden claimed that he would end the Covid-19 virus by implementing a few “common sense” policies to keep the infection down and get everyone back to normal. Now, we’re further from ordinary than we’ve ever been. Millions of jobs are on the line as Covid-19 vaccine mandates that may not be legal or constitutional are being implemented in businesses with over 100 employees and soon may encompass every business. Biden wants the Internal Revenue Service to monitor transactions over $600 and add mileage tax on vehicles. This $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is looking like it’s going to cost Americans thousands of dollars every year and take away financial privacy all at the same time.  

Former President Donald Trump was painted as a White supremacist and dictator, but the United States sees what a dictator might look like.  

Americans deserve medical and financial freedom. If there’s no reason to investigate finances, then the IRS should mind their own business.  

Still, Biden’s administration and Democrats continue to blame Trump for the progress of Covid-19 and the reason the United States is so far behind. In reality, Biden has been president for over nine months and has to be delusional to believe that he can sit back and blame Trump for anything. Trump initially pushed the Covid-19 vaccine out, and Democrats were skeptical of the result and said that they were publicly on many occasions. Yes, even Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Now that Biden is in charge, it’s the best and safest vaccine that’s ever been created. Why the swift change?  

Various studies worldwide have suggested that the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t as effective as initially anticipated, and that’s okay. To admit the truth will give credibility to the Democrats, unbelievably so, and give everyone a realistic idea of their options to combat Covid-19. The real reason they ignore science is because of the financial gain and because they’re in a position to control Americans by mandating the vaccine. Efficacy is a meaningful conversation to have, but Democrats seem to keep saying they’re unaware or unfamiliar with studies that show the covid-19 vaccine isn’t as effective as they thought.  

Predictably, inflation is continuing to rise, the southern border is a disaster, and the infrastructure bill will further bankrupt the United States by adding trillions to the national debt and tax Americans even more than they already are.  

The White House has to admit that they can’t ride on Trump’s back forever and have to take responsibility for Biden. As a nursing home, the White House staff are responsible for Biden’s actions and make sure he doesn’t get out of control.  

Biden’s cognitive decline is getting out of control, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan is a perfect example of Biden’s incompetent leadership. Harris is backing away from Biden, and if the 25th amendment is enacted anytime soon, Harris will have to step up and stop messing around.