“The View” Host Sunny Hostin Defends the Activist Who Tried to Damage the Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa painting was smeared with cake during a climate change protest at the Louvre museum in Paris. Luckily the painting wasn’t damaged because it’s covered by bulletproof glass.

The activist was disguised as an elderly woman, lipstick included, and jumped out of a wheelchair and it’s reported that the man tried to smash the bulletproof glass. Typical bulletproof glass is 21mm thick which means that the man’s hand and a cake had a very low probability of breaking the glass.

There was a disagreement on The View between the co-hosts and their opinions that the climate activists achieved their intended goal. Even though The View has lost a large amount of credibility lately because of statements by many of the hosts, it’s fascinating to see their varying viewpoints.

Sunny Hostin said, “I think they work. We’re talking about it. I think climate change is something that we ignore so much, not only in this country but around the world. Obviously, we’re talking about this issue.”

Climate change has been at the forefront of the conversation for many years. President Joe biden has even said that there’s an “incredible transition” happening and we’ll be “less reliant on fossil fuels when it’s over.” It doesn’t seem like Hostin checks in on the president very often.

Tara Setmayer responded, “We’re talking about the fact that he smeared, he defaced the Mona Lisa. I mean, it’s bulletproof protected, but… it’s a priceless work of art.”

Setmayer added, “We’re talking about that as opposed to what the issue is that he’s actually protesting. So I think stunts like that don’t work at all.”

Joy Behar agreed that the activist sparked discussion about climate change, but it only seemed to confuse people that the activist would go after a work of art.

Whoopi Goldberg agreed with Setmayer, surprisingly, and said, “It’s somebody else’s art and how dare you try to destroy somebody else’s art?”

In June 2020, Goldberg was fine with confederate statues being toppled by protesters and blasts former President Donald Trump because he defended their right to stay up. Goldberg and Behar noted that because the south lost the Civil War, the statues shouldn’t be up. Almost everyone can agree that statues are art and that makes Goldberg’s flip flop of the issue very relevant to the conversation.

Hostin stood firm, saying, “I don’t think it can be destroyed, because again, it’s in this bulletproof thing and he threw some whipped cream at it.”

Goldberg then said, “Listen, I totally get protests. I dig it. I don’t think it’s OK to destroy somebody else’s art in order to make your point.”

The only conversation that the activist seemed to spark is a conversation about what the Mona Lisa has to do with climate change. Luckily the activist was quickly arrested and the painting wasn’t damaged. Hopefully this is an isolated incident.