The US Border Chief is Further Incentivizing Illegal Immigration

Under the Biden administration, the rates of illegal immigration have soared.

The increase of migrants coming across the southern border directly tracks with Joe Biden removing Trump-era policies (such as Remain in Mexico) that disincentivized illegal immigration.

Many Republicans have warned that illegal immigration happening on the watch of the current president is intentional, with the endgame of giving Democrats more voters later down the line.

Joe Biden’s already on record calling for amnesty to go towards illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, states like Massachusetts are passing legislation that allows illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses.

Despite the current rates of illegal immigration, the federal government is only egging the situation on.

This is evident by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas increasing the number of places where migrants can stop for various resources on their way to permanent destinations in America.

A Closer Look at Mayorkas’ Hand in Illegal Immigration
The nation’s border chief has determined that illegal immigrants should have access to various rest areas and shelters here in America.

These places are designed to accommodate migrants as they work to obtain jobs or housing that would otherwise go to US citizens. As Mayorkas puts all of this in motion, he’s also using taxpayer dollars to fund it.

Some of the rest areas and shelters being put in place by the nation’s border chief will be designed to assist migrants on their way to major US cities like Houston, Dallas, and Los Angeles.

Advocates of illegal immigration have praised these sorts of measures that incentivize people to come across the border unlawfully.

A Slap in the Faces of Everyday Americans
As the border chief rolls out the red carpet for illegal immigrants, working-class Americans are not getting anything even close to this treatment.

Between the rates of inflation, shortages of critical supplies, and rising crime rates, US citizens are struggling to keep their heads above water.

At this time, there is no indication that economic problems will be dying down anytime soon. However, the growing influx of illegal immigration will restrict the jobs and housing opportunities that are available to American citizens.

So long as the United States is run by officials who incentivize unlawful border crossings, life will continue to be more difficult for everyday Americans.