The UN COP26 Utilized A “Sham” As A Prop And Not Joe Biden

It turns out that Greta Thunberg, President Joe Biden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi weren’t the only dummies at the Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. There was a dummy prop used for a speech that was interesting and confusing at the same time.  

Because of the conference, all of our problems are solved, and we can worry no more because the government has us in their hands and will fix all of our problems. That’s what they want us to think, at least.  

Of course, the conference only included the world’s least polluted countries, and China and Russia didn’t show up. It would have been nice if the United States took a vacation from the event, but then Biden couldn’t push his climate change agenda forward. It even gives world leaders the excuse to push mandates on production that will ultimately lead to dependence on overseas products where their manufacturing standards are less than the attendee’s home countries, and the world will keep spending. They’ll pat themselves on the back. The elite politicians’ mindset thinks this world runs on hopes and dreams rather than hard work, consumption of petroleum products, and manual labor.  

Greta “blah blah blah” Thunberg cursed at people outside of the event as she told everyone that politicians weren’t doing enough to protect the environment as she traveled to Scotland using fuel that could have been saved rather than wasted. She hasn’t been able to change anything in her entire life, and her efforts are still falling on deaf ears.  

Former President Barack Obama even showed up after leaving his coastal front property. Maybe he could feel the tides rising and needed to pressure everyone into making changes that he, himself, didn’t even make. It’s easy to tell others what to do, but to do it yourself is proving much more difficult for the politicians that we have ruled the world.  

A new character was used called “Little Amal.” The “dummy” stood around 12 feet tall and even had eyelids that were opening and closing. It was difficult to see, but there was a human inside, and the speaker even gave Little Amal a flower to symbolize the giving of natural plants and raised awareness for refugee children.  

It’s easier to build a dummy rather than actual combat abuse of children across the world. If Biden wanted to make a name for himself, he would go against China for their child labor and concentration camps rather than combat climate change. Then, maybe something would be done about China’s constant human rights abuses. He could go down in history as a human rights activist that did something, and we would all support that.

Instead, Biden insists that children get the Covid-19 vaccine because that’s somehow the most important thing going on in the world at the moment. Never mind that more children got shot in Chicago in 2021 than died from Covid-19 across the country. 

The world keeps moving in a direction that targets the good people and allows the slimy political families to get away with anything. We need to focus on climate change until Hunter Biden thoroughly investigates and David Weiss continues the investigation.