The Trucker Protests Are ‘Expanding’ And Tow Trucks Still ‘Won’t Assist’ The City

Thank God for the truckers that have ascended in Canada. Nothing stops the convoy from shutting down Ottawa, Canada, parts of the Canadian border, and soon expanding elsewhere across the United States.

The protest has expanded, the US Canadian border is blocked with traffic jams. The route that connects Windsor, Canada, and Detroit, Michigan is blocked, and the route is responsible for 25% of all US and Canada’s trade.

The idea is to make life as impossible as possible until the US and Canadian governments stop their COVID-19 mandates. It’s working.

Windsor Police tweeted:

They likely won’t be investigated or charged. So far, very few people have been accused of crimes, and there have been tow truck companies called, but they won’t tow any trucks away.

Steve Kanellakos, Ottawa City Manager, said, “We’ve contacted them all and everyone. They’re all refusing as of today to provide heavy tow truck work.”

Good. It has to be an all-or-nothing stand against tyranny.

Now the protests have hit Toronto, Canada. A tweet with a video of truckers and farm equipment lined up says, “Canada Freedom Protest! The Long Line of Tractor Rigs aligns the streets ahead of the Trucks in Toronto.”

It has turned into a Carnival-type event that goes from town to town, creating chaos. One of the good parts about it is that locals who can’t go across the country can join in and make their voices heard. It is a time that we’ll never forget.

Supply chain issues that are government-controlled and supply chains that are from protests such as these that will bring everyone freedom are very different. Yes, everyone gives the Democrats a hard time because of the supply chain. It’s essentially their fault, and they still can’t get it under control. That’s good. They should be held accountable.

On the other hand, the trucker protests will provide freedom for everyone worldwide, and even if people don’t realize it, they’re going to benefit. Truckers aren’t burning down buildings, businesses, or looting stores. It’s just not happening. What’s happening is that the world is watching what effective protests look like that will make change for everyone.