The President of Mexico is Calling For Open Borders

The United States continues to face a series of problems at the southern border. These problems are a result of Joe Biden removing the immigration policies that existed during the Trump administration.

Much of Biden’s base wants open borders in the United States. Democrats have also made the arguments that upholding immigration laws is a form of racism or xenophobia.

Under the Biden administration, the federal government has done nothing as a series of crises rage at the southern border. This led to states like Texas and Arizona having to pick up the slack to prevent total chaos.

As all this plays out, Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador is on record calling for complete open borders in the United States and beyond.

The Mexican President on America and Borders
Lopez Obrador spoke about his vision for open borders during a recent press conference in his country. The Mexican president explained that if he had things his way, there would be no borders between North America and South America.

That’s not all, though. Lopez Obrador is not only endorsing this, but he also claimed he’ll visit Biden next month in order to have a conversation with him about the “integration” of North and South America.

The Mexican president believes the end of borders will create a utopia without hatred or “confrontation.” In Lopez Obrador’s mind, “brotherhood” would extend after tearing down existing borders between North and South America.

While calling for open borders, the president of Mexico also made a point of trashing US Republicans. Lopez Obrador blasted GOP members as authoritarian, anti-immigrant, and even inhumane.

Later, he also inferred that similar politicians exist within the US Cuban community and even within the Democrat Party.

Horrific Impacts on Middle-Class Americans
As the Mexican president endorses open borders, he still has yet to get the drug cartels under control in his country.

Open borders between North and South America would give drug cartels free reign here in the United States. It would significantly increase US crime rates and cost more US citizens their lives.

Then, there’s the significantly devastating impact that open borders would have on the US economy. Rolling down current borders between North and South America would undercut middle-class workers with cheap, foreign laborers willing to work for pennies on the dollar.

Such a scenario would work well for elitist corporations and their bottom lines; however, everyday Americans would be left behind once again.