The Pentagon Is Going To Pay For Troops’ Abortions

Under the Biden administration, the United States military has a growing list of problems. Right now, recruitment rates are far lower than they need to be. If this keeps up, the future of the military is in significant danger.

At the same time, the Pentagon continues taking measures that will end up discouraging folks from joining the military.

One example of this involves troops being told to just get welfare if they can’t get by on their current salaries amid inflation. Another example is soldiers being told to take a COVID-19 vaccine that doesn’t prevent virus infection or spread. Most soldiers who refuse are dishonorably discharged.

With all the problems facing the military today, the Pentagon recently decided that paying for troops to have abortions is the next best step.

A New Low For the Military
This week, the Defense Department revealed that travel and some other related expenses for servicemembers to get abortions are going to be covered. This means American taxpayers, many of whom oppose abortion, are going to be footing the bill.

The Defense Department went on to frame this policy as one that’s actually helpful and considerate to servicemembers. This announcement was also clear that the overturn of Roe v. Wade earlier this year played a role in the Pentagon’s decision.

Finally, the Defense Department alleged this policy comes after concerns about access to “reproductive healthcare” were conveyed. This announcement comes on the heels of Joe Biden planning nationwide, taxpayer-funded abortion if Democrats win the midterms next month.

Backlash From the American People
Despite the Pentagon trying to announce its new policy under the guise of helping troops, most Americans weren’t fooled.

People took to social media, stating the Defense Department’s announcement is a slap in the face of not just the US military, but the nation as a whole. Others expressed that they don’t want their tax dollars being used to cover abortions.

Ultimately, the Pentagon wants Americans to believe that if it doesn’t cover abortions for servicemembers, the readiness of the military will be compromised.

This just isn’t accurate, however. If there’s anything compromising the military, it’s the Pentagon’s refusal to roll back its unscientific COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Growing data shows this vaccine is linked to myocarditis in young men. Though even with this revelation, the military still wants its troops vaccinated or railroaded out of the Armed Forces.