The Media Is Now “Exposing” President Joe Biden

Now that the mainstream media got what they asked for, they want to return it. President Joe Biden was only elected because of the mainstream media, and he’ll go out the same way he got in. Why? Because there appear to be many Democrats in the United States who are incapable of thinking for themselves. There is no amount of proof that will persuade them that anything is real or wrong.

After covering Biden in such a positive light, they’re one by one turning on him. Even Don Lemon said, “After one of the worst weeks of his year-old presidency, Biden presumably couldn’t wait to get out of town.”

Inflation, the southern border, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, supply chain issues, grocery store shelves empty, it’s challenging to look at Biden and take him seriously about anything. Biden is overpromised and hugely under-delivering, and it’s at the detriment of the American people. He isn’t affected in a big way when prices go up, but for the low-class Americans, there’s a massive difference in their lives.

Big tech is also to blame for Biden’s presidency. The censorship on social media platforms was a huge issue for the 2020 election and vital information about Biden and his family, particularly his son, Hunter Biden, that the American people deserved to know before voting for Biden. A total of 4.6% of Biden voters wouldn’t have voted for him if they knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal, and 36% of Democrats didn’t know about the story at all, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. They blocked the account and censored anyone talking about it.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump is still painted as a racist insurrectionist with no proof that any of that is true. There’s much more proof that Biden is racist and has been his entire career. Regardless, more news anchors turn on Biden because they know they have to, not because they want to. News viewership and ratings are down considerably because the sensationalism of Trump is gone, and COVID-19 is easing out of American life.

Chuck Todd with NBC said, “One year in, Mr. Biden has the second-lowest approval rating ever measured in the White House. And it has never been less popular nationally.”

Americans blame Biden for the economy, plain and simple. There could have been several things that Biden could have done differently, and he won’t stop. Build Back Better won’t solve the problems Biden seems to think it will. What it’s going to do is delay tax hikes and inflation. That doesn’t make things better at all.

John King with CNN said, “The country is frustrated, his party is frustrated, we are two weeks into a midterm election year, a few days away from a first anniversary, and it is dark for him right now.”

That’s monumental words of truth directly targeting Biden where it hurts. Fortunately, we’re in a midterm election year, and the disasters continue. Biden was blocked on COVID-19 vaccine mandates and will lose the fight to end the filibuster, and the voting rights bill is dead on arrival.

Biden has a lot to make up for, but he has no capability of righting the wrongs that he’s caused in the short year that he’s been President of the United States.