The Joe Biden State Of The Union Was A ‘Disaster’ Just Like His Policies

President Biden’s State of the Union speech was a load of nonsense. Filled with falsehoods, President Biden shared a sense of awe at Putin assaulting Ukraine. Remember when he invited them to join the NATO club. It was a ploy. He has blocked the Keystone pipeline and authorized Nord Stream 2. Biden reauthorized the Russian pipeline to Germany that President Trump had banned.

If this is the best Democrats can do, Republicans take the House and Senate in 2022 and the presidency in 2024. Take that to the bank.

Biden is inadequate and capitulated to environmentalists. Rather than supporting domestic oil production, he has chased Germany into the arms of a fuel-rich Russia. Biden has driven our country into gasoline, inflation and logistics crises. Biden’s sanctions, not Putin, are crushing Ukrainian and Russian citizens.

The sock puppet president claimed that “made in America” would be supported over “made in China.” In contrast, he and his family and friends used Ukraine as Hillary Clinton did. Oligarchs and corrupt American officials have mishandled Ukraine. Ukraine supported the Clinton Foundation and was the source of Hunter Biden’s payday to the tune of $50K every month from Burisma.

Putin initiated this conflict in Ukraine. The Trump Russia hoax was a trick by Deep State agents linked to Democrats seeking to obliterate America.

Biden said we should not undermine the police while being cheered on by VP Harris, who funded Antifa and BLM rioters who want to defund the police. They commended the BLM agitators who did billions of dollars in harm. Yet, the Biden DOJ illegally detained American citizens who entered the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Biden denied the United States the energy independence that Trump delivered. He has made us more dependent on foreign oil, including Russian oil, at the rate of $20M per day. He called out Putin no less than Russian oil. While he supports Ukrainian nationalism and borders, he allows criminals to cross our southern border, increasing trafficking and fentanyl.

Democrats continue to cook up lies to change America into a Marxist utopia of breadlines and famine. Obama and his dunce VP Biden changed our regulations to weaponize the intelligence community and agencies like the DOJ and FBI and target everyday Americans with the force of the federal government in other ways. Now we look to Canadian truck drivers who are tired of dictatorship.

Biden is a frontman for the World Economic Forum and China. Biden is a corrupt kleptocrat, untrustworthy and crippled by dementia. He celebrates that the US government-funded a program to buy vaccines from Big Pharma and send them to the world, even though they do not deliver the data deaths and negative consequences from these experimental injections.

It is a problem with Joe Biden, and he is a sham. He simply and incompetently reads from a script of prepared remarks, signs what is put in front of him and plays his part. All this while the world burns and the country goes to hell. Once again, thank you Democrat neighbors, for electing Joe Biden to tank this economy, start world wars and shred the constitution.