The IRS Is “Expanding” Their Security By Using Face Scan, But Expect “More Hassle” Than Security

The Internal Revenue Service is helping to bring more secure account login by adding face recognition to their platform. It is an awful idea for several reasons, but one of those reasons isn’t because it will provide better security.

The IRS uses, which has a terrible reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Many customers are complaining about the verification process as well as customer service. With the IRS customer service lacking, it will be much harder to get anything done.

It’s frustrating that the federal government wants to make voting less secure but harder for everything else in life.

One complaint stated, “They had me upload several documents with sensitive information. All scans of original documents are all very legible. They also turned on my webcam for a ‘facial scan and profile.’ After 45min and all the information needed to steal my identity, they refused to do so.”

It’s an issue for the individual and anyone running a business and their Chief Financial Officer and the owner. How will this new software allow multiple users on one account if there’s necessary information? Or if you’re married and one person does the taxes, the other needs information, and the other isn’t available. There are too many problems with this type of system.

The system is also hindering unemployment benefits for users. One user had their complaint resolved but was delayed almost one month.

The user said, “Thank you, BBB, for your quick response. The minute I clicked the submit complaint button to BBB,, Inc. responded within two seconds, (not kidding) Coincidence?”

It would seem to the average person that the best way to get to work is to complain to the BBB. That’s a massive issue for the system.

IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig said, “The IRS has been hard at work to improve in this area, and this new verification method is intended to make IRS online applications as secure as feasible for people.”

The “most terrible words, ‘I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,’” as Ronald Reagan put it. It still reigns true today. Though technology can improve your life, a step too far is intrusive and unnecessary.

The IRS also has a terrible history of targeting groups with which they disagree, notable conservatives.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “There is no justification for this behavior. Hundreds of organizations were impacted by these activities, and the IRS owes them an apology.” The apology came after the IRS unfairly targeted Linchpins of Liberty and 40 other groups.

Facial recognition would give the IRS and federal government the ability to spy on anyone they want to. If data is compromised or is hacked, millions of people will be vulnerable to identity theft.