The Government is Controlling How Much Water California Residents Can Use

On a regular basis, conservatives and patriots sound the alarm against big government being in the lives of the American people.

Before big government truly gets its hooks in people, the reasons that are used to justify it are generally presented as good. Leftists have routinely stated that more government is necessary to make people’s lives better, fairer, and more equal.

Unfortunately, history doesn’t bear this out. Communism and socialism in other countries present itself as for the good of the people. The same goes for domestic COVID restrictions that Americans faced for about two years.

Despite the real problems that stem from big government breathing down people’s necks, some folks in America continue to vote for it anyway. In California, this has created a situation where the government is telling residents how much water they can and can’t use.

A Tight Spot For the People of California
With the Golden State being in the middle of a drought, residents remain under order to participate in measures that limit water consumption.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) put out a statement that calls for action from both individuals and statewide water companies. Newsom says that conserving the amount of water used especially during the summer time is of significant importance.

However, what Newsom isn’t telling his state is how California rejected a proposal that could have helped alleviate this drought.

Not too long ago, the state’s Coastal Commission was approached with a developer that offered to build a new desalination plant. Tens of millions of drinking water gallons would have been accessible to state residents in 2023 had this plant been agreed upon.

Yet, because of California’s concerns about the plant’s impacts on the environment, the state ultimately rejected the offer. It’s fair to think that at least some residents of California would have appreciated the relief a new desalination plant would have brought.

A Warning Sign to the Rest of America
California has been under the consistent control of high-handed officials, yet the state still suffers from very real issues.

Aside from water restrictions, the Golden State has to contend with crime rates that have literally caused businesses to close, along with rampant homelessness and unaffordable costs of living.

Democrats, meanwhile, are not putting through long-term solutions to these issues. Yet, when election season comes around, they always make the case for why they (and big government policies) should remain in office.

Americans who don’t want the government breathing down their necks, controlling their water usage, or worse, should vote accordingly.