‘The Fear-Mongering Narrative Is Breaking Down’: Country Music Superstar Travis Tritt Cancels COVID-Required Venues

In entertainment, we’re seeing a large group of artists who are refusing to play specific venues because of Covid-19 vaccine mandates. Not only is it “segregation reimagined,” but it’s an overreach of government mandates, and the problem will probably reverse itself shortly.  

Just like workers at companies that are walking out because of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, the arena’s and entertainment venues will see this same thing happen with artists and customers. It doesn’t matter if you can get the most prominent singer on your stage if you mandate all attendees to be vaccinated and a small number of people show up. They’re going to lose money and a lot of it.  

Travis Tritt has stated that he will not perform at venues that require proof of Covid-19 vaccination, mask requirements, or pre-show testing. 

Travis Tritt told Tucker Carlson that out of the 75 shows he’s done in 2021 across the country, not one of them would be considered a “super spreader” event. Tritt says that the exact opposite has happened in the last few weeks and months, and the Covid-19 numbers have gone down in many of the areas he’s played in. 

Tritt says that the mandates haven’t come from local or state governments, but the venue owners themselves and many of his fans came to see shows and weren’t allowed in because they weren’t made aware of the mandates before arriving. He says these are attempts to divide people and exclude people they don’t think are “clean enough” to be part of the experience.  

That’s what the mandates are doing. It may not always be the governments putting them in place. Still, under President Joe Biden, the government pushes businesses to put these mandates in place, so some blame can undoubtedly be attributed to Biden’s words and suggestions.  

Honestly, it seems like Biden’s job creation that he’s so proud about is falling flat on its face. With people getting fired for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine and so many supply chain issues facing Americans, what were all the jobs created? Why is it an accomplishment when Americans are now suffering from different issues than the Covid-19 pandemic alone? If Biden wants to push the country forward, he won’t place so many hurdles in the way.  

Unless it’s all by design, support of Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates aren’t political and aren’t politically divided. Democrats and Republicans have issues with the mandates and how new the Covid-19 vaccines are, and that the FDA hasn’t approved them. 

Tritt also said that he knows the people he’s playing for. He knows them because he came from a blue-collar, hard-working family. He’s taking a stand for “hard-working Americans that just want to take care of their families, put food on the table for their families, put a roof over their heads, and occasionally go out and experience a concert, you know, enjoy themselves, forget about their troubles for a little while.” Tritt said that he had to stand up for them.  

Tritt isn’t the only artist doing this. Many others are, and it’s just not as public. The mandates are closing in on Democrats, and they’re going to have a hard time getting supporters back after all of this.