The Elites Are ‘Against Americans’ And ‘Undermining Democracy’

Even the more progressive American citizens aren’t the problem with the United States. The entire Democrat political theater that’s been going on in the leadership across the country. When radical Democrats call, local officials answer and push whatever policies they’re told. Nobody believes the mandates that they’re trying, but to keep their position in politics and have the possibility to get promoted to higher levels, they’re going to do what they’re told.

Top-level politicians have called an assault on our democracy that isn’t true, at least not from the right.

The “insurrection,” as many like to call it, wasn’t an attack on democracy. A couple of hundred unarmed patriotic Americans went into the Capitol and left. The only person killed was Ashli Babbitt, who was involved in the riot.

If the Capitol rioters were offering these politicians money, they would have stayed and made a deal, but they left because they weren’t.

Then there’s the issue of the US being a democracy, to begin with. The US is the Constitutional Republic. There are three branches of government, and no one person is entirely in charge. It seems that President Joe Biden feels much differently.

People forget that rioters took over the Supreme Court appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The rioters were overheard screaming at Senators, and Vice President Mike Pence was yelled at as he left, and so were others. Was that a threat to democracy, or was it typical intolerance of racist, misogynist, right-wing politics? Also, there weren’t any fences put up, so the response by different administrations is interesting.

Politicians will always follow the money rather than the constituent votes matter, but what happens after the votes are cast concerns citizens and politicians. Politicians have to push their agenda and bow down to donors while pretending the opposing party stops them from getting things done. Most times, they can push things out for years if they need to and see that there’s a possibility of using it to their advantage during the election season. They say things like, “Though the party has stopped us, they won’t be able to this time,” as they waste taxpayer dollars and do what they’re told.

Unfortunately, we can’t trust politicians, but, fortunately, we have people that fight for good rather than continue down the radical path that Democrats want them to go down.