The Daily Wire Trolls Pro-Abortion Activists At The Women’s March

While pro-abortion activists participated in the Women’s March across the country in Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, D.C., conservative news outlet The Daily Wire met them head on with a hilarious, yet effective, new method of trolling: advertisements for a new documentary entitled “What Is a Woman?”

As The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh continues to search for an answer to the consequential question, the outlet chose to strategically place the advertisements for the members of the Women’s March to see. The left has refused to define the word “woman” since the beginning of the transgender craze, and even began referring to women by terms such as “birthing persons” and “uterus owners,” yet when abortion became threatened, they suddenly began fighting for “women’s rights” again.

Now, The Daily Wire is preparing to release Walsh’s documentary “What Is a Woman?” in June, and they want to know if the left suddenly has an answer to the question.

“Hey LA Women’s March, look up,” Walsh wrote in a tweet, sharing a picture of the phrase “What is a woman?” written in the sky.

Along with the question sketched in the sky, an airplane also circled Los Angeles with a sign directing people to

“I’m definitely having more fun with the Women’s March than anyone actually marching in the Women’s March is,” Walsh tweeted on Saturday afternoon.

In Washington, D.C., a truck drove around flashing an advertisement for the documentary while pro-abortion activists gathered to protest in opposition to the potential overturning of Roe v. Wade, which was signaled by an early opinion draft that was leaked to Politico from someone within the Supreme Court.

Another “What is a Woman?” an ad appeared in New York City, where a billboard asked: “If you can’t define what a woman is, how can you have a women’s march?”

The documentary’s central question even began trending on Twitter as protests and marches continued throughout the day.

“Now #WhatIsAWoman is trending. It would be really unfortunate for the Women’s March if it made it to number one. #WhatIsAWoman is a very frightening question for them. Please respect their feelings,” Walsh tweeted, sharing a screenshot showing that “#WhatIsAWoman” was the 11th most popular topic on Twitter.

The hashtag reached as high as number nine on Twitter’s trending list, but then suddenly disappeared.

“Weird that #WhatIsAWoman just disappeared from the trending topics entirely when it was number 9 just a moment ago,” Walsh commented.

The billboards, skywriting, Twitter hashtag, and other advertisements are just Walsh’s latest attempts to get the right to provide a logical definition for the biological term that they are supposedly marching for. Whether he actually gets an answer will be seen in his upcoming documentary, which premieres June 1 exclusively for Daily Wire subscribers.

Watch the trailer below: