The City Of Chicago Is Promoting Security Systems By Offering Rebates

In order to tackle Chicago’s high crime rate, the city is planning to enhance people’s safety and security by offering rebates on security systems.

On Monday, Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot declared that the city is launching a new plan to promote security systems and cameras among private homeowners and businesses by giving them a rebate on the purchase of security equipment.

In addition, car owners will also get a rebate on purchasing the GPS system.

A campaign to create a gun buyback program in Chicago will also be crowdfunded by the city.

Obviously, all of these tactics by Mayor Lori Lightfoot are just political stunts for the upcoming elections; these initiatives could buy her a few votes.

Moreover, the Chicago Sun-Times reported the millions of dollars giveaways made by Mayor Lightfoot. Previous week, Lightfoot gave away 50,000 fuel cards that cost $150 each, around 100,000 Ventra cards that cost $50 each, in addition to 5,000 bicycle accessories for the residents of Chicago who are interested in switching their means of transportation.

The current week’s $5.3 million handout by Mayor Lightfoot includes partial refunds which will be given to offset the expenses of purchasing and installing security cameras in addition to 12-months cloud storage for the CCTV videos.

Residential security system costs will be reimbursed by up to $225 per camera.

Mayor Lighfoot also announced that all sponsored security systems will be listed and entered into the Chicago Police Department’s database in order to assist the Chicago cops to solve cases with the help of video footage.

Despite all the giveaways by Mayor Lightfoot, none of these measures actually help in preventing the crime, these measures will only help after the crime has been committed. Chicago actually needs strict law policies and more law enforcement officers on the streets for the protection of the city and its residents.