The CDC Goes All In On Woke Speech

The Center for Disease Control has been given more power than they rightfully deserve under President Joe Biden’s administration. The Supreme Court has had to step in and take back the power given to the CDC on the eviction moratorium, which should have told Biden and the CDC to back up and back off.

It’s not the CDC’s job to weigh in on social issues that pander to the “woke” policies and perspectives of the Democrats, but they’ve certainly been very “woke” with their current language. Bipartisan leadership is deserved when talking about public health. Under no circumstance should the CDC be more willing to work with one president over another just because of political affiliation. The CDC overstepped constitutional and legal procedures with Biden at the forefront of their decision.

The CDC put out new rhetoric for the offended. They suggest different ways to enable negative behavior and to make people feel secure while they do it. Instead of using words such as drug users/addicts/drug abusers, smokers, and disabled, they suggest using terms like persons who use drugs/people who inject drugs, people who smoke, and people with disabilities/a disability:

Yes, some languages can be used with more respect. However, some language changes are just ridiculous.

We don’t need to live in a politically correct society. Just because some people are offended doesn’t mean everyone is, and it doesn’t mean you pander to unsubstantiated opinions of people who want to control speech. It’s a massive issue that Americans are facing.

This new language suggestion is terrifying as you hear Biden and others spread their “pandemic of the unvaccinated” rhetoric. It seems that the CDC is teaming up with the Biden administration to take over our society and turn a portion of Americans against other Americans. If Biden wants a civil war, he’s on his way to start one.

Everyone has heard the phrase vaccine passports and a lot of Americans are concerned about it. It’s seen as a way to segregate portions of society that don’t want to take the Covid-19 vaccine. There’s so much information available in support of vaccination and against it. The FDA approved the Pfizer Comirnaty vaccine, but it contradicts the emergency use authorization status of other available vaccines if brought to the United States. It’s currently being manufactured in Germany, and who knows if it’ll be available in the United States.

The CDC first said that masks aren’t effective, then they told masks were the best way to protect yourself from Covid-19. When that happened and businesses started to open up, you saw business owners and employees faithfully enforcing mask mandates, which shows what happens when a large number of people get a small amount of power. What happened? It caused absolute chaos in some places, and many employees were rude, called the police, and some were arrested for simply not wearing a mask on their faces. Currently, it’s gotten so bad that some people have been arrested for not wearing it “correctly.” It’s ridiculous.