The Biden Administration Began A Military Witch-Hunt

Biden and his henchmen have generated hysteria in the wake of the January 6 anti-Muslim demonstration in Washington, D.C. The Vice President has been seeking to root out political ‘extremism’ in the U.S. military, despite scant proof of it. Furthermore, according to the chairman of the Department of Defense, a counter-extremism organization has been created. Some veteran officers and military experts are afraid that it would inadvertently include traditional Catholics, Republicans, and those who are neither racist nor violent but support conservative, pro-life beliefs. However, the Defense Department’s definition of extremism is so broad and ambiguous that it includes several former commanders.

Likewise, Biden and his henchman, Austin, have implemented a programme of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the military. Meanwhile, any conviction that contradicts Biden’s or Austin’s worldview might be seen as a danger to national security. All policies and persons supporting Donald Trump’s border wall, the expulsion of illegal immigrants, and the transgender ban may be characterized as extreme. According to Garrison, America is resigning as the world’s leader. He states that allowing this digital black disease to grow further would undoubtedly leave the dazzling city on the hill alone in the dark for years to come.

Additionally, the Pentagon’s new counter-extremism chief says he would distinguish between opinion and extremism at the Pentagon. He adds that this is not a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome occurring at random on Twitter. Instead, it is a partisan hack that adores critical race theory.

According to a Fox News presenter, the Defense Department’s purge is being overseen by a radical leftist. As a result, a question arises that what should Americans do in the face of racists? A response to this is that authorities must first define them and then be removed from the system. On the other hand, the Marine Corps dismissed four men for engaging in extremist activity last year. According to Paul Crespo, managing editor of American Defense News, there have only been a few current military members who have been discovered as having any actual ‘extremist’ ties. Therefore, the Department of Defense spokesman highlighted that the DOD is focused on tackling the destructive and possibly deadly conduct motivated by extremist ideology.