Texas Reports 99% Reduction In Migrant Crossings

Texas issued a report that indicated the number of illegal alien crossings into the state declined dramatically in recent months. The statistics come as Texas has embarked on an aggressive approach to reduce the number of crossings into its territory and deport criminal illegal aliens.

Texas made the announcement during the visit of former President Donald Trump to the border this week. In the area around Eagle Pass, Texas, attempted border crossings had declined by 99%. Eagle Pass is the site of an ongoing standoff between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and the Biden administration regarding border enforcement.

The “DJT Brief” organized by the governor, indicating the former president’s initials, included information that crossings in Eagle Pass fell from above 4,000 per day in December 2023 to just 18 per day. The statistics follow the deployment of razor wire along the borderline.

During a recent Fox News interview hosted by Sean Hannity, Abbott said that the United Nations recently determined that the U.S.-Mexico border was the deadliest such crossing in the world. Abbott said while sitting next to Trump that President Joe Biden “abandoned his responsibility.” Because of this, Abbott said that “Texas had to step up.”

On social media, the governor said that his state had taken action to “defend our state against this invasion.”

“We continue to send a clear message with our historic efforts to the cartels and the entire world: Don’t Mess With Texas,” Abbott wrote.

The Lone Star State’s approach appears to have had significant effects in other parts of the country as well. The operation to reduce the number of illegal crossings across the Rio Grande has also coincided with increased attempted border crossings into Arizona and California.

California has a lax approach toward illegal immigration compared to Texas. Many of the cities within the state are self-described sanctuary locations that pledged not to work with federal law enforcement regarding questions of citizenship.

As a result, the flow of illegal immigrants into California has increased significantly.