Texas Police Searching For Man Who Shot Armed Robber

Houston Police are trying to find an armed civilian who was seen on camera shooting and killing an armed robber before returning stolen money to customers at a local restaurant.

The now-deceased man allegedly robbed Ranchito Taqueria late Thursday night just before 11:30 p.m., KHOU 11 reports.

Some people have expressed skepticism about the motivations of the police in their search for the armed civilian. Author and radio host Michael Malice replied to a post on the topic, asking, “Have you ever considered the possibility that you are the bad guys?”

Countless other instances of armed civilians stopping an active threat have been seen throughout the United States.

As some of our readers may recall, a young 22-year-old man ended an active mass shooting in Greenwood, Indiana in July 2022 after a gunman had killed three people during a murderous rampage. Another example was seen in May 2022 when a woman attending an outdoor birthday/graduation party in West Virginia fatally shot a gunman who had opened fired upon a crowd with an AR-15.

Both of the armed civilians received praise from authorities for their heroic actions.

“The robbery suspect came into the store and was wearing masks and gloves,” said Houston Police Department Lt. Wilkens, according to KHOU 11. “He had a plastic pistol, possibly an airsoft or possibly a little BB pistol.”

A posted video shows the suspect walking after stealing money from the customers. The armed customer can then be seen drawing a handgun before pointing it at the alleged robber.

No other person was injured from the shooting, reported KHOU 11.

Legal expert Nathan Beedle of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office claimed the shooting was likely justified.

“I can point you exactly where it is in the law, 9.31 and 9.32 of the penal code,” Beedle said.

He explained that Texas law covers specific situations as they relate to robbery by threat, or aggravated robbery, where deadly force is considered to be justified.

“Whether someone uses deadly force in the situation, that is presumed to be correct under Texas law,” he said.