Texas Mass Shooting Suspect Deported Four Times

As the sweeping manhunt continues for mass shooting suspect Francisco Oropesa, it is now known the Mexican national was previously deported four times.

The record is lengthy. The 38-year-old fugitive was first expelled from the country on March 17, 2009 by an immigration judge. After illegally reentering the U.S. he was captured and deported again just six months later.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement then ejected Oropesa again in January 2012 and July 2016. The 2012 deportation followed an arrest and jail time served for driving while intoxicated.

The horrific incident unfolded Friday night in Cleveland, Texas, about 50 miles north of Houston. Oropesa was reportedly firing a gun in his yard and a neighbor asked him to stop because of a sleeping baby.

It was around 11:31 p.m. when the San Jacinto County Sheriff’s Office received the call reporting harassment, according to Sheriff Greg Capers. He told reporters that when deputies arrived at the scene, they found five victims of gunshot wounds.

Law enforcement officials reported that two of the female victims were found in a bedroom lying on top of two children who survived. They apparently were trying to shield the young ones from the vicious attack. Another child was found uninjured but covered in blood.

The trail to find Oropesa, according to the FBI, is completely cold. Federal authorities say he could be anywhere and the bureau has “zero leads.” There is an $80,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

Oropesa is described as a 5’8” Hispanic male with a goatee and trimmed black hair. He was wearing jeans, a black shirt and work boots during the attack, according to witnesses.

The FBI warned the public to stay away from the suspect. They described him as “armed and dangerous,” and law enforcement should be contacted if there is any sighting.

Sheriff Capers told NBC News that the fugitive’s immigration status is the least of his concerns. “I don’t care if he was here legally, I don’t care if he was here illegally. He was in my county, five people died in my county, and that is where my heart is.”

One of the victims was a nine-year-old boy. Capers said all were shot from the next up “almost execution-style.”