Texas Just Sent Biden A Clear Message About The Border Crisis

For over a year, the Biden administration was given every opportunity in the world to get ahold of the southern border and stop incentivizing illegal crossings. Instead, the White House rejected this and continued ignoring border states having problems with arrivals of migrants.

However, as Texas, Florida, and Arizona have buses of illegal immigrants sent to left-wing cities, the Biden administration isn’t ignoring the situation anymore. Joe Biden, for instance, recently lashed out against Republican governors, accusing them of using migrants as political props.

Though border states aren’t backing down. On Saturday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) sent a strong and powerful message to the president.

Patrick on Texas’ Response to Illegal Immigration
While speaking with Fox News, Patrick said he, the other leaders of his state, and Texas residents themselves are “serious” when it comes to fighting back against the mess Biden made.

According to the Texas Lt. Governor, the state has gone from spending $400 million on securing the border to $4 billion, all thanks to the federal government’s refusal to uphold the country’s immigration laws.

Patrick also made it clear that more buses of migrants will continue going out to sanctuary cities until Biden secures the southern border. The president’s refusal to do this is no longer going to be something that Texas and other states are forced to deal with on their own.

Before his interview wrapped, Patrick informed Fox News that the Texas state legislature will push for new laws that empower states to protect themselves. The Lt. Governor was clear that his state has no issue with taking these laws all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

The Only Feasible Path Forward
It’s very clear that Texas touched a nerve with Democrats who previously ignored the border crisis. Furthermore, Texas and other border states have exposed the lies of those who claim to lead and love sanctuary cities.

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) didn’t hesitate to dispatch migrants who arrived in her city to a right-wing suburb. After stating she’d be happy to take these folks in, Lightfoot changed her mind and stated they’d have to go elsewhere.

Similar reactions have ensued from Democratic mayors in Washington DC and New York City.

Because Texas is now taking a stand, the ball is in the Democrats’ courts to either secure the border or prepare themselves for buses of new migrants.