Texas Democrat Photoshops Image Of Opponent To Make Her Look Evil

Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez (D) recently put out an advertisement depicting opponent Maya Flores (R) with downturned eyebrows and a green filter in an apparent effort to make her look evil.

The 43-second advertisement centers on Flores’ decision to vote against a school safety bill in the wake of the tragic school shooting in Uvalde.

“She voted against keeping our children safe in schools, against keeping weapons out of the hands of Mexican cartels, and against keeping guns out of the hands of criminals with a prior history of domestic violence,” the narrator says in the commercial. “She is disgraceful and does not represent South Texas values.”

Gonzalez presently represents Texas’ 15th Congressional District and is competing against Flores in the newly redistricted 34th district this fall.

Gonzalez posted the advertisement on his Twitter account along with a message.

“After the tragic shooting at Uvalde, Mayra Flores’ first vote in Congress was AGAINST a bipartisan school safety bill,” he wrote. “We need a representative that works to protect our children and families; not someone who puts them in danger.’

“Remember to vote for Vicente Gonzalez,” he added.

After the commercial aired, Flores quickly condemned the altered image used by the Gonzalez campaign.

“First, Vicente Gonzalez hired a racist blogger to attack me for my heritage,” said Flores. “Now Vicente is doing the dirty work himself with this shameless and pathetic photoshopping.”

“The people in the [Rio Grande Valley] are smarter than this and will see right through Vicente’s scare tactics and constant lies,” she added.

In June, it was revealed that the Gonzalez campaign hired a Texas blogger to help with ad services, and the blogger spread racist comments about Flores, including calling her “Miss Frijoles” and “Miss Enchiladas.”

Gonzalez also made headlines recently when it was discovered that he used campaign dollars to pay himself personally for office space.

His campaign financial disclosures show that he is the “owner and director” of Tenant Services LLC, which has received payments for office rent for the office space used by Gonzalez in his capacity as a politician.

While legal, many question the use of campaign dollars for personal financial gain.