Texas Courthouse DEFIES Biden Order To Lower Flags For Fallen Service Members

President Joe Biden ordered all flags to be flown at half-staff until sundown on August 30th, 2021. One courthouse district defied the order, and I don’t blame them. It’s infuriating to have the man who facilitated 13 military members to lose their life put out an order to honor them.

At no point did Biden make moves to protect military personnel. Biden trusted the Taliban to pull security at the Kabul, Afghanistan gate, which caused Americans and over 100 Afghans to lose their lives. It’s a despicable act, and America demands accountability.

Why would anyone follow orders from Biden? He has shown that he’s violating constitutional rights, disobeying the Supreme Court, and can’t even speak clearly. Every American needs to stop listening to politicians. The only power the government has is the power given to them.

In Fayette County, Texas, former Texas Governor Rick Perry said that the courthouse wouldn’t abide by the order because Biden handled the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Who can blame him? Biden has pissed off millions of patriotic Americans and leaders around the world. It’s not only Conservatives that are upset with Biden. Even his party and the media are upset with him as well.

Perry said, “Before he was a Judge, my friend Joe Weber was a General in the Marine Corps. He knows the best way to honor the Marines and Navy Corpsmen who were killed yesterday in Kabul is to recognize their selfless service and sacrifice by flying Old Glory high and proud.”

Perry made an effort to speak to his friend and took action based on his friend’s suggestion. That’s what Biden should have done, but he didn’t. Biden’s decision was anti-Trump, not pro-Afghanistan withdrawal. Biden thought he had it handled and probably felt like he had the Taliban under control.

Biden has taught us one thing: terrorists respect leaders, not countries. When a strong, confident leader like Trump is in office, the United States is left alone, but as soon as Biden gets in, the Taliban flexes on the U.S. military, and Biden caves under their pressure like a weak child trying to lift a heavy object.

Biden has lost a grip on the country. Like it or not, Biden is well on his way out of the office of President of the United States with his most recent actions with Afghanistan. He put way too much trust in the Taliban. Biden should have told the Taliban what the United States was doing rather than ask permission. Nobody asks permission from terrorists. These were the people we’ve been fighting for the last 20 years, not the country’s governing body. What the hell is he thinking?

The only people Biden needs permission from is the American people, and he better not forget it. How dare he ask for permission from the Taliban and dare tell Americans what to do. No appropriate words can be said about that.