Texas Border Wall Takes Huge Leap Forward Amid Ongoing Migrant Crisis

Does a border wall on the southern border of the United States work? Possibly. A new start-up on border wall construction leads many to question why it stopped to begin with. It seems that the U.S. government spent unnecessary money in the millions of dollars to protect border wall material. At the same time, it sat and did nothing, and President Joe Biden’s administration did nothing as well. Now that Trump’s initiative to put artificial intelligence security cameras on the border is turning out to be beneficial, it seems that a border wall isn’t a bad thing after all.

Now, before you go and praise Biden for this new border wall continuance, it’s the Texas government who is funding the project using private businesses. The initiative is expected to build 700 miles across the southern border. According to the Washington Examiner, $1.8 billion of GOP-funded border wall construction will begin very soon. It proves that the federal government is incompetent, and some Republican policies are desired.

The honest question is if a fence is good enough for Washington, a fence is good enough for the southern border. These politicians that live in gated communities and have fences separating their properties are some of the most hypocritical people in the U.S. The double standard shows that their personal property is more valuable than yours and more critical than Texas residents.

Commissioners still have to vote on the contract before a programs manager decides where to build, but the vote will favor the border wall.

According to a video posted by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, land clearing has already begun, and this is a decision that Democrats can’t run to Washington about. If they did, it wouldn’t matter anyway. The initiative isn’t only to protect Republicans and every party in the United States from the economic damages of illegal immigration that will harm the U.S. for generations to come. That’s not to say that immigration isn’t essential, but legal is always the best way.

This issue is much greater than re-election, which will be blamed for Abbott’s decision to push this forward. It’s an initiative that every American should take a comprehensive look at and leave their social justice warrior mentalities aside and consider the ramifications that could come when these issues aren’t addressed.

Democrats are sure to protect and be outraged over, but the fact remains, statistically, the U.S. is better off when immigration is conducted legally.