Texas Bans Gender Change Treatment For Children

The Lone Star State joined a growing number of states to bar a number of gender transition treatments for children. Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signed the bill that made Texas the 20th, and the largest, state to limit such procedures for children.

The bill signed by the governor placed considerable restrictions on gender-changing treatments such as hormone therapy.

The new law prohibits a doctor or health care provider from performing “a surgery that sterilizes the child,” including castration or hysterectomy. It also bars doctors from administering “drugs that induce transient or permanent infertility,” including puberty blockers or hormones intended for use in changing genders.

The new law also bars public funding from being used “directly or indirectly” for health care providers and organizations that “provides or facilitates the provision of a procedure or treatment to a child” prohibited under state law.

One estimate holds that there are nearly 30,000 transgender children in the state.

The new law will come into force on Sept. 1. 

Lawmakers also passed a bill that barred transgender athletes from competing in college sports on teams of the opposite gender. The bill also puts in place whistleblower protections for those who report potential violations by universities. It also allows individuals to sue institutions of higher learning for violations of the law.

The path to passing the gender change law was met with considerable protest by many on the political left. This included protests at the state house while the bill was being considered.

During the debate on the measure, activists started a chant that “trans folks deserve more” and unfurled banners in the gallery above the lawmakers. State police had to remove the protesters from the area. One of the protesters was barred from the state capitol for a year.

The effort in Texas followed a similar successful push to ban gender-changing treatments for minors in Florida last month.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that the bill would “permanently outlaw the mutilation of minors.” DeSantis also signed another bill into law that requires adults seeking gender-change treatment to receive informed consent from a physician.