Teen Vogue Now Teaches Underage Girls How to Get Abortions

Teen Vogue isn’t the fashion website it used to be. Included in the hottest celebrity gossip and makeup trends is advice for underage girls on how to skirt abortion laws in America.

In a recent op-ed titled “How to Get an Abortion if You’re a Teen After Roe v. Wade Was Overturned,” Lauren Rankin said that for underage girls who get pregnant, the “stress and confusion is compounded by a system designed to make accessing an abortion even more difficult for them.”

Rankin is a self-described activist in favor of abortion and wrote a book titled “Bodies on the Line: At the Front Lines of the Fight to Protect Abortion in America.” The op-ed was originally published in 2019, but it’s been updated due to the recent ruling of the Supreme Court.

The new Democrat party is pushing parents out of their children’s lives. You saw this at the Virginia school board where they tried to cover up a transgender student sexually assaulting a female student and President Joe Biden’s new staffer who defended underage gay prostitution. Teaching underage girls how to get an abortion when the law changes is no different.

Rankin said, “If you live in one of the states where abortion is currently banned, you will most likely need to travel to another state for an in-clinic abortion. For any pregnant person, being forced to travel out of state to have an abortion is difficult, but for minors, it can be much more challenging.”

Rankin then outlined the states that require parental consent and parental notification and added, “if your state isn’t listed below, that means that it does not require parental consent or notification.”

Going even further, Rankin said, “If you aren’t comfortable telling a parent about your decision to have an abortion, you can seek what’s called a “judicial bypass” in one of the many states that has this system. Judicial bypass allows you to go directly before a judge and get approval from that judge to have an abortion, rather than having consent from your parents. Yes, it’s paternalistic and unfair that you literally have to get permission from someone else to choose what to do with your body, but it is an option for legal abortion.”

Traveling out of state is expensive, so Rankin tells readers that “abortion funds may be able to help you.” Rankin then tells readers about Jane’s Due Process, which will assist in the legal process of judicial bypass.

But wait, there’s more. Rankin suggests that if going out of state isn’t an option, there’s always abortion medication.

Rankin said, “It is possible to safely self-manage an abortion through medication abortion. The World Health Organization has specific guidance on self-managed abortion with pills up to 10 weeks of pregnancy. You can purchase medication for abortion online through reputable sites like AidAccess.org or Plan C. Depending on your state’s current abortion laws, it could take a while for the pills to get to you, but it is worth going through a reputable provider to ensure that the medication you get is verifiable and safe.”

Rankin then advises readers to use search engines such as Duck Duck Go to bypass detection when searching this information because some states criminalize abortion pills and tells readers what organizations can further assist with the monetary process of abortion.