Tech Tyrants Elevate Biden To ‘Dear Leader’ Status, With Forbidden Criticism

Big Tech and censorship go together like coffee and creamer. Regardless of someone’s personal beliefs, censorship is unacceptable. Just because someone doesn’t agree doesn’t mean you can shut someone up.

The federal government has partnered with Facebook to highlight misinformation, which may have gone too far, but it was already too far if we’re honest.

No deal should ever be made with the federal government that involves citizen’s personal information. Facebook messages are just as private as text messages, but Facebook and the feds deal could interrupt that privacy.

Shana Chappelle, the mother of Kareem Nikoui, U.S. Marine, had her Facebook account deleted because of a post made to President Joe Biden. Chappelle said that Biden was at fault for the loss of 13 service members and the blood of them all is on his hands. Every bit of that is valid. Biden ignored intelligence data and contingency plans when leaving Afghanistan. She further stated that Biden did not win the election and that this would not have occurred if former President Donald Trump had been in his rightful post in the White House.

She’s not wrong. The White House continues to repeat that America needed to leave Afghanistan, and nobody disagrees. The White House hasn’t given why we left Afghanistan the way we did, and that’s the problem.

Trump didn’t, and wouldn’t, exit Afghanistan this way. He had four years to leave, but he didn’t. Trump set criteria for the Taliban to follow if we were going to leave. The expected date was May 2021. Biden had to try to get his moment and push the date and get out his way. It inevitably caused the chaos and disaster that followed.

Facebook quickly backtracked and claimed it was a mistake to take Chappelle’s account down. Isn’t it always a mistake? That’s the go-to excuse and if it truly is a mistake because of technical data that reads a comment and deletes it, hides it, or deletes someone’s account, then fix it. Or has Facebook put itself against the wall with the White House?

You can’t expect to go into business with the federal government and still wish to remain in total control. Conspiracy theories are free speech. You don’t see the flat earth conspiracy theories being taken down, yet they’re still theories. The stolen election is the same, a theory until it’s proven. Though some evidence suggests that the election was stolen, quite a bit more than flat earth, it’s not yet verified.

It is Biden’s fault that the military members were killed. Biden handed over Kabul, Afghanistan, to the Taliban, known to kill American troops and behead women, children, and others. Why would the Taliban make sure Kabul was secured for free American travel to the airport, much less pull security around the airport. It’s reported that ISIS-K was the perpetrator of the suicide bombings and got past the Taliban security. The Taliban had previously offered the U.S. military control of Kabul until they left and Biden declined. What’s wrong with him? That would have given the U.S. military a considerable advantage not only to evacuate people. But to make sure military members are safe.

Realistically keeping Bagram Air Force Base would have been ideal because a prison held ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Taliban members.

Biden has pissed off the wrong country. No patriotic American will ever vote for a Democrat again after this, and polls show that Democrats are even changing their ways.