Sussman Trial Reveals A Lot, Even If He’s Not Convicted

Even if Michael Sussmann isn’t convicted, the FBI has been able to obtain a large amount of evidence and there has been a lot of information that the public must accept moving forward. The investigation’s foundation was built on false allegations and lies.

Sussmann’s main charge is providing false information to the FBI which he knew was false at the time of reporting. Sussman told then FBI General Counsel James Baker that he wasn’t representing anyone when he made a claim that former President Donald Trump was colluding with Alfa Bank with secret communication. Those allegations have since been debunked.

The inconsistencies have been piling on top of each other.

Evidence presented by Special Counsel John Durham’s team sheds light on their claim that Sussman was representing then Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s campaign and tech firm executive Rodney Joffe.

Through the investigation, many falsehoods were presented. Joffe provided the FBI the information about the allegations, and was also a confidential source with the FBI, through Sussmann and then FBI agent Tom Grasso. Grasso took the information straight to the Chicago FBI team which bypassed Joffe’s FBI handler. Grasso considered Joffe a friend and had previously worked with him.

Then FBI General Counsel James Baker hadn’t disclosed the source of the Alfa Bank data to FBI agents that collected the information from him. Agent Scott Hellman was frustrated that the identities weren’t disclosed and said that it was “conveniently coincidental” that the information was discovered within three weeks of the start of the investigation.

There was a “close-hold” placed on Sussmann because of how Sussmann presented the evidence to the FBI, which would have altered the way the investigation proceeded and the “close-hold.” FBI agent Ryan Gaynor also said that if there was a human source then the agency would have probably made a different determination on if the information was truthful or not.

FBI agent Curtis Heide testified that there was a “mistake” when the Alfa Bank allegations cited a DOJ referral. Heide is also under investigation. FBI agent Allison Sands said that she learned that Baker was the source of the information and that he received the information from a third party after being informed that the information came from a DOJ referral. Heide testified that at the end of the investigation, the information must have been mistakenly copied into the documents.

Perkins Coie law partner Marc Elias, the 2016 Clinton campaign’s top lawyer, and Robby Mook, the 2016 Clinton campaign manager, said that if they didn’t trust then FBI director James Comey and wouldn’t have brought the Alfa Bank information to him, but they trusted the FBI enough to share the Steele dossier with them.

There are too many inconsistencies and allegations that have been proven false that even if Sussmann isn’t convicted, there’s clear evidence that the public can make the determination for themselves. The Clinton campaign used false information to try to sway the 2016 presidential election and it didn’t work.