Reconsideration Of Abortion Ban In New York State Ordered By Supreme Court

Abortion has become a hot topic in more than one state, but a new Supreme Court ruling in New York will change the religious aspects of abortion laws.  

The supreme court said that a lower court should review a ruling that would require religious organizations to cover abortions on their insurance plans, which violates the first amendment of freedom of religion.  

Religious organizations have called for the court to strike down a ruling that denies religious exemptions for people they employ who are not in their faith. In Fulton v. Philadelphia, Supreme Court justices unanimously sided with religious organizations that refused to recognize same-gender couples that wanted to work with Catholic adoption agencies.  

It calls into question President Joe Biden’s belief in abortion and his religious standing. Many people from the Catholic faith want to ban him from participating in communion because he supports abortion. Given that there would be a new ruling for a religious exemption shows that abortion goes against the Catholic faith in case law, and there’s an exception that would open the door to denial of the president to participate in Catholic practices.  

There has already been a strike down for religious exemptions when former Governor Andrew Cuomo restricted religious services during the pandemic.  

George Soros can fund some of the judge’s races, but they’re well known for abiding by the Constitution when it comes to the Supreme Court. It’s rare that Supreme Court Justice’s side with anything but the Constitution regardless of their political view.  

Eric Baxter told the Washington Free Beacon, “The New York mandate exempts some religious objectors, and it also exempts certain types of coverage.” Honestly, it’s either all or nothing. No man or woman should be able to tell another that their religious beliefs are valid or not. The Constitution doesn’t discriminate.  

Baxter added, “clearly an effort to try to force everyone to provide coverage for abortion.”  

After the ruling, Mother Miriam of the Anglican Sisterhood of Saint Mary said, “We’re grateful that the Supreme Court has taken action in our case and hopeful that, this time around, the New York Court of Appeals will preserve our ability to serve and encourage our neighbors.” 

There’s nothing wrong with giving a religious exemption. That’s why health care insurance has a choice. If we were to go to socialized healthcare, it would conflict with the Constitution, and the government would rule over insurance coverage, causing chaos in the healthcare industry. Some would be good, but some would be negative and unconstitutional.