Support For Trump Increases After Unprecedented Raid On Florida Home

Whatever the intentions of the Justice Department were in the unprecedented raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida home, one thing is certain. If they were to damage the Republican in the eyes of his party’s voters, the raid was a dramatic failure.

Multiple polls show the former president rising in popularity among primary voters, and that is very likely due to the perception that he is being victimized by a politicized DOJ.

An NBC News poll just released showed 41% of GOP voters say they support Trump more than their political party. That’s below the 50% who say their support for their party is stronger, but a full 7% higher than the results of the same poll question in May.

A new poll out of the early primary state of New Hampshire also highlights the change after the FBI raid. Released by Saint Anselm College last week, it showed Trump with a 50%-29% lead over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a potential primary race.

This came just two months after another poll from the University of New Hampshire showed the two in a statistical dead heat.

Some Democrats may be cheered in their belief that Trump’s bump in popularity will be offset by a whole new array of legal troubles. That is something that the left has pinned their hopes on many times, but baseless charges have a way of disappearing as quickly as they arise.

A byproduct of the FBI raid on Trump’s residence is that the narrative is back on the former president. Donors are reengaged and the feeling among many of the party faithful is that the Republican is being targeted by a vindictive administration.

Recent months saw a surge by DeSantis as the political talk moved away from the former president and towards key GOP issues. This seemed to help the governor build his base for his possible 2024 run at the White House.

Weaponizing the federal government to go after the former president may play well with the leftist media and the Democratic base. However, Americans know injustice when they see it — no matter what the media mouthpieces tell them. Trump is the beneficiary of this sense of justice.