Strong Minority Of Democrats Doubt Biden’s Mental Fitness

A significant minority of Democratic Party voters expressed concern about the mental acuity of President Joe Biden, according to a recent poll. The recent Harvard/Harris poll is one of a number that shows a significant number of Americans’ concerns about the president’s ongoing ability to serve effectively.

The July poll found that 24% of Democrats shared their doubts about whether Biden is “mentally fit to serve” as president. Furthermore, 85% of Republicans and 71% of independents also share this concern. 

In addition, the 80-year-old president also received considerable doubt from Americans when asked whether he was “showing he is too old” for the job. A full 68% of Americans agreed with the sentiment, with only 32% disagreeing. 

Furthermore, 43% of Democrats agree with the concept that Biden, the oldest president in American history, is too aged to serve. That cohort was joined by 91% of Republicans and 75% of independents who believed the same.

Among Democrats, 62% support Biden’s renomination for president, while 16% back candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Harvard/Harris poll is not the first of its type and comes after a number of falls and slips by the aged president. Biden fell at the Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in June.

A May ABC News/Washington Post poll found similar results, with a majority expressing their concern about Biden’s mental and physical health.

The poll found that 62% of Americans do not believe that the president is in “good enough physical health” to serve another term in the White House. 

Furthermore, another 63% said that Biden does not have the “mental sharpness” to effectively serve. Only 32% of the public disagreed with the sentiment. The same poll found 54% feared Biden’s mental strength in 2022.

Biden may have received even worse news from the same poll. Respondents said that former President Donald Trump had the mental sharpness to serve effectively, with 54% of Americans agreeing with the statement. 

A larger majority of 64% said that Trump had the physical health to serve as commander-in-chief again.