‘Straight Up Dangerous’: Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Press Secretary Refers To The AP As ‘Activist Progressives’

The Associated Press isn’t known for its transparency, and the fact-checkers aren’t being transparent either. The Associated Press did a fact check of the National School Board Association’s request that President Joe Biden’s administration label parents who go against the narrative that school boards have put in place are going to be labeled “domestic terrorists.”  

The word domestic terrorist has gone way too far. Back when the Boston Bombing happened, the world’s domestic terrorists could be directly associated with the bombers’ actions. It was accurate, and the paper trail led straight back to the radical ideologies of two people who lived in the United States. Now, the NSBA is requesting the Biden administration to look into the possibility that parents who speak their minds can be investigated. They said that their actions “could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” So, in short, yes, the NSBA is alleging that parents are domestic terrorists.  

Parents are increasingly upset by the actions taken by school boards to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine, force children to wear masks, teach critical race theory, and many other nonsensical measures that elected school board members move into public schools. It’s no wonder parents are frustrated. They should be. 

To remind everyone, public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars. Parents have every right to have a say in what schools teach and mandate. There shouldn’t be any questions about that. Parents are legally allowed to say what they feel and even get loud. It’s protected speech.  

Christina Pushaw, Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, fired back at the Associated Press, saying that AP stands for “Activist Progressives.” Didn’t it? That’s surprising.  

The entire left-wing media, including the Associated Press, swayed the 2020 election toward Biden by allowing their coverage to be positive while demonizing former President Donald Trump. That should tell you everything you need to know about the Associated Press, but we’ll continue.  

The Associated Press even went as far as to email Pushaw and said, “just in case you need some info about us. http://www.ap.org/about/ which takes you to the Associated Press’ “about” page. Funny.  

The “about” page says, “The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting.” Yet the exact “factual reporting” they’re speaking of was debunked. The NSBA wants Biden to investigate domestic terrorist parents. Maybe the Federal Bureau of Investigations could have a sign-in sheet at the door.