Steube Introduces New Impeachment Articles Against Biden

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden this week marking an upturn in the investigation into the business dealings of the Biden family. Steube’s resolution also marks another Republican effort to impeach the president on a number of charges. 

Steube’s office wrote that the articles represented Biden’s “abuses of power” as well as a number of federal crimes. The representative accuses the president of playing a role in the business dealings of his son Hunter and his brother James Biden. 

Steube’s office wrote that family members “sold access” to Biden during his tenure as vice president. 

“Hunter and James appear to have promised official actions by Joe Biden in return for payments and business opportunities from foreign and domestic business partners. Joe Biden assisted by making appearances, phone calls, meeting with the “business partners,” and knowingly allowing his family members to promise access to him and actions by him in furtherance of these schemes,” the statement continued.

Furthermore, the Florida Republican is accusing the president’s campaign of improperly colluding with officials from the Justice Department (DOJ) “to improperly interfere with investigations into tax crimes alleged to have been committed by Hunter Biden.”

The articles also accuse James Biden of attempting to recruit investors “based on false and fraudulent pretenses and promises,” such as access to his brother.

Stuebe also accused both the president and his son of having a “long history of comingled and intertwine finances.” He cited money allegedly spent by Hunter Biden “on illegal drug transactions and prostitution.”

The representative said that the president “undermined the integrity of his office, brought disrepute on the Presidency, betrayed his trust as President and acted in a manner subversive of the rule of law and justice at the expense of America’s citizens.” He further accused Biden’s family of profiting off of Biden’s time in office “through bribery, threats and fraud.”

The effort by Steube to impeach the president is the latest filing by congressional Republicans. In June, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) filed articles against Biden for “intentionally disregarding our immigration laws and enabling an invasion along our southern border.”