Starbucks CEO Reacts To America’s Crime Problem

Crime rates in the United States continue to cause major problems in different communities nationwide. Businesses have begun to shut down in primarily left-wing cities where their workers don’t even feel safe enough to physically come into work each day.

Conservatives are laying the issue of rising crime at the feet of Democrats, calling for change.

Specific Democratic policies that have been cited as the causes of growing crime rates include police defunding, cashless bail, early prison releases, and various reforms limiting how police can engage with civilians.

However, it turns out that GOP lawmakers aren’t the only ones who recognize that crime is a serious crisis in America. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is acknowledging the threats posed by rampant lawlessness as well.

Schultz on the Crime Problem in America
In footage recently leaked to the public, the Starbucks CEO doesn’t hold back in slamming the problem of nationwide crime.

Schultz is on record stating personal safety is the predominant concern of employees working in various Starbucks locations. After warning that certain locations are shutting down because of crime, the Starbucks CEO also said the United States has become “unsafe.”

Later, Schultz laid into governments at the city and state levels. He explained these governments have a duty to crack down on crime against communities and effectively handle situations involving mentally ill individuals.

At this point, the Starbucks CEO then said the company’s stores across the nation aren’t in a position to face the very real problems posed by rampant lawlessness across communities.

Only the Beginning of Shutdowns?
While 16 Starbucks locations across America are set to close before July ends, the CEO made it clear that more closures are not out of the question.

In the same leaked footage, Schultz expressed that what’s happening now is only the start and “many” new location shutdowns are on the way. He also made it clear that shutdowns are happening as Starbucks listens to concerns from workers having direct interactions with the public.

Last month, the CEO of Starbucks informed that Starbucks’ public restroom may no longer be available to the general public, owing to safety concerns.