Staffers Trying To Build ‘Wall’ To Stop People From Seeing What A Mess Biden Is

The President Joe Biden that you once knew is still the bumbling incompetent Biden you see today. Cognitive decline has not been his friend in his first nine months as President of the United States, but people still cover for him for some reason. His stammers and stumbles have been seen worldwide, but Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just went to the United Kingdom and demonized Republicans and upheld Biden as a strong leader. He’s not, and everyone knows it. If he were, she wouldn’t have to reassure the world that he was mentally strong and capable. It speaks for itself.

Bob Woodward’s book “Peril” makes several claims about Biden, General Mark Milley, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

Milley spoke to Chinese government military officials in an attempt to undermine former President Donald Trump in October 2020 and keep them up to date with his attack plans, if any. Milley worked with Pelosi to ensure Trump was kept at bay and both were concerned with the nuclear codes and what Trump would do with them.

Pelosi has had her share of scandals, notably breaking her own rules because she feels like she’s above the law. The mask-less Pelosi went to get her hair done in a salon that was mandated to close with no regard to a policy banning the public from doing such things.

Ron Klain is the man we all know as the Chief of Staff, but he’s the one running the White House right now. According to Woodward’s book, he and others have been trying to keep Biden out of long press conferences and interviews. Biden can’t keep it together even with their help, so it doesn’t seem to be working very well. Keeping Biden in his position isn’t only hurting the American people but also hurting Biden. He honestly thinks that he’s okay. His confidence is baffling in moments where he completely messes up an interview or press conference question.

I guess that’s who Biden is referring to when he says he’ll get in trouble if he takes any questions. Does Biden get put in time out, or does he have his ice cream taken away? Serious question.

According to Woodward’s book, they call it “the wall” where they make sure Biden isn’t put in any compromising position. These positions of compromise would usually be called “being the president.” Still, with Biden’s lack of mental capability, his standards differ from any other president that the United States has ever seen.

It’s most notable when Biden finished speaking at a press conference, and his staff rushed the media out of the room before Biden answered. Biden even left a press conference while his wife, Jill Biden, was still speaking. He just walked off into the distance with no warning or sign that her speech was over. Why would Biden do this? Because he’s unstable.

As many things as Biden and Democrats tried to blame Trump, like Russian collusion, the Democrats have done those things. It’s called “projection.” You blame someone else for something that you’re doing. More and more comes out every day that solidifies the conservative hesitation of the Biden administration.