“Speak Truth From The Heart” – You First, President Biden!

Before getting to President Joe Biden and his inability to speak in public appropriately, let’s talk about Harry Reid.

Whatever Reid did recently or in former President Barack Obama’s Administration, Reid had at least one right moment that deserves recognition.

In July 1978, Reid got the opportunity that most modern-day politicians have. Jack Gordon, who wanted a new gaming device approved in Las Vegas, offered Reid a $12,000 bribe to do so. Reid was serving as the chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission at the time the bribe was offered.

Reid contacted the FBI and let them know, and they set up the deal. When the day came, and Reid met with Gordon, video footage showed Reid get out of his chair and tell Gordon, “You son of a b****, you tried to bribe me!” and proceeded to choke Gordon. Reid, a former boxer, couldn’t resist the opportunity.

The FBI entered the room and arrested Gordon.

For any negative press on Reid, you can find it. It isn’t the article for that.

Joe Biden, being a weak man, is suspected of having taken a bribe with his son, Hunter Biden, when Joe was vice president during Obama’s Administration. Everyone remembers “10% for the big guy” from Hunter’s emails. It was likely the time where Joe and Hunter shared a bank account. It wouldn’t have been difficult for that to happen.

The FBI is also lacking these days because it doesn’t appear that there’s much of an investigation that’s gone on.

While participating in Reid’s eulogy, Biden whispered and then screamed. It’s just odd. Someone in his staff needs to tell him to stop. It’s not the first time, and it’s unlikely to be the last, but it’s embarrassing for Americans in any case.

Now, what Biden said is also disturbing and possibly implicating himself.

Biden said, “Harry would always be there for you. Harry had mine, and he was well aware that I had his.”

That doesn’t sound very encouraging.

To note that Reid refused to take a bribe, Biden ended his eulogy by saying, “Perhaps this will be his legacy. Call on each of us to give it our all. Speak the truth from the bottom of your heart. Take up the final rounds of Harry Reid’s valiant struggle for the America we all love.”

Biden is the one that needs to speak the truth from the heart. Then again, He doesn’t seem to speak from the heart, so what’s the need for truth?