SNL ‘Takes A Jab’ At Biden Over His ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ With Women And Children

Thankfully mainstream news and even comedy are starting to understand how incompetent President Joe Biden is. Everyone loves how Saturday Night Live portrayed George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. After a year of screwing things up, Saturday Night Live is aiming for Biden, but not for the reasons you may expect.

Comedy has gone woke on many levels, and there are a lot of backlashes. Netflix made the wise decision to keep Dave Chappelle’s comedy special on its platform even though there were protests against Netflix to have it removed. Netflix was the test run for outrage because there wasn’t a substantial controversial push for something to be released since Cuties was a hot topic because of the depiction of young juvenile females in provocative clothing and provocative dance moves. It leads directly to Biden sniffing hair and his inability to avoid making inappropriate comments to little girls.

While the jokes on Saturday Night Live were mixed with negative remarks on Republicans, it was refreshing to see a mix of politics on the once-beloved show.

Michael Che said, “President Biden promised to nominate the first black woman to the Supreme Court. But I hope it’s not because he wants to sniff a new type of hair.”

That has to hurt the Administration. Knowing that it’s incredibly accurate and a possible sign of carnal assault tendencies. A video can be seen showing a compilation of these incidents.

Colin Jost then said, “According to a new analysis, the United States’ economy increased at its quickest rate since Ronald Reagan was President last year. Biden has even begun to employ Reagan’s old catchphrase, ‘Where am I?’”

That’s on-brand for the president who’s been seen skipping the sidewalk for the grass when he followed the secret service that was walking him inside. You even see a secret service agent smiling as if he’s holding back laughter.

Biden’s cognitive decline has been an issue and will continue until he’s removed from office or resigns.

When asked, “Why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?”

The reporter noted that Democrats who responded did not strongly affirm that Biden’s cognitive level was acceptable.

Biden responded, “I have no idea.”

That’s the president’s words who don’t have the answer, not to his cognitive ability but for solutions that will fix the country and put us on a better trajectory. It would not be easy to believe that Biden’s ability will improve. Biden has either stayed the same or gotten worse. We’re all along for a ride that we’re no longer in control of. Unfortunately, we have to rely on rational and reasonable politicians.