Shocking Video Released Of ‘Disney Princess’ Drag Queens Dancing For Children

Disturbing footage of a so-called “family-friendly” drag show at a Tennessee brewery has left critics outraged after a very young girl is seen on video petting the crotch area of an adult dressed as Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” — and no one is stopping her.

On Saturday, the “Chattanooga Pride Youth Day” was hosted by the Wanderlinger Brewing Co., though the event was not promoted on the brewery’s website or social media.

The event was, however, heavily promoted by the Chattanooga Pride/Tennessee Valley Pride — an organization which states that its purpose is “celebrating diversity in Chattanooga, Tennessee and combining our LGBTQ Resources to raise awareness, educate, and improve our community with dignity.”

“Happy Chattanooga Pride!” a Facebook post for the event read. “As we celebrate leading up to the festival on October 2nd, come hang out with us at Wanderlinger Brewing Company for our annual Pride Youth Day. Featuring speakers/discussions, princess meet & greets, drag queen story time, and a family-friendly drag show.”

Director and producer Robby Starbuck captured video of the disturbing event and shared it on Twitter, showing drag queens dressed as Disney princesses while interacting with small children.

The video shows one adult dressed as Ariel lip-syncing to a song from “The Little Mermaid,” when a little girl begins rubbing her hand across the crotch area of the drag queen’s mermaid costume. The adult does not even attempt to stop the child.

Other footage shows a different drag queen dancing in front of the children, which included spreading their legs and exposing their panties to the young children.

“Today we got footage of Chattanooga Pride Youth Day at Wanderlinger Brewing Co. and this is what kids were subjected to,” Starbuck tweeted. “It’s NOT hard to not spread your legs to kids. It’s NOT hard to redirect a kid away from that area if they grab near your crotch. We have to stop this madness!”

“The fact they WANT to spread their legs for kids should make very clear to everyone that something is WRONG with this. Where’s law enforcement? We won’t allow this continue,” he added in another tweet. “In Tennessee there will be no safe space to be inappropriate like this with kids. We WILL stop this!”

“We will be watching every move the left makes to do this in Tennessee and we will be reporting to the public, to the politicians and to the police until this stops,” Starbuck concluded in a third tweet. “Tennesseans: Send this to your reps and ask them to stop this and to work with us on legislation to protect kids!”

The brewery’s website — which requires people to be 21 or over to access it — also promoted an “All Ages Pride Event at Wanderlinger” back in June. The event included “Drag Queen Story Time with Hormona Lisa” and an “All Ages Drag Show.”