Shocking Number of Mass Shootings In Democrat Cities Happened On Labor Day Weekend

During Labor Day weekend, Democrat-run cities saw at least 15 mass shootings as gun violence skyrockets.

More than a dozen people were killed, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The current death toll is at 18 people who succumbed to shooting injuries. In order to qualify as a mass shooting, four or more people must be shot or killed, not including the shooter.

The liberal cities that saw the weekend shootings include Saint Paul, Minnesota, Charleston, South Carolina, Chicago, Philadelphia and Cleveland. The majority of these cities have Democratic mayors and legislators.

Saint Paul, Minnesota’s liberal Mayor Melvin Carter is a strong proponent of gun control laws, making it harder for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves from armed criminals. In February, Carter said he wanted to target gun storage and propose rules for how gun owners store firearms.

“Addressing root causes means our justice system must prove itself capable of holding accountable those who pull a trigger, alongside every individual and company that profits from making guns so readily accessible to them,” Carter said.

Despite strict gun-control measures which have been shown not to work, Democrat mayors like Carter are still pushing for tougher restrictions.

In Carter’s city, three people were killed, and two others were injured on Sept 5.

Philadelphia saw two dead and three wounded in another mass shooting in one instance. Throughout the weekend, at least nine people died, and another 19 were injured by gunfire.

Chicago, one of the deadliest cities with the strictest gun-control policies in the United States, saw 55 people shot during the long weekend. Unfortunately, the Windy City’s radical Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has also been a huge supporter of gun control and refuses to take action as her city succumbs to chronic violence.

Despite crime rising under her leadership, last month, Lightfoot bragged that she’s playing a role in decreasing crime.

“We rank 3rd among 50 U.S. cities for violence prevention programs, services and policies,” Lightfoot said. “And this, to us, is a very big deal. We are grateful for the recognition.”

The programs she’s promoting don’t appear to reduce gun-related incidents, and critics blasted her comments.

If the Labor Day weekend mass shootings are a forewarning of what is to come in Democrat-run cities, it is not looking promising for lessening nationwide gun crime.