‘She Contradicts Herself Yet Again’: Hillary Clinton’s Myth Is Another Person’s Truth

Voting fraud isn’t a myth, and it isn’t a fantasy. It happens. That being said. It’s a bipartisan issue and should carry the same concern and weight on both sides.

In Nevada, Donald Kirk Hartle, a man, claimed that someone had used his deceased wife’s ballot in the 2020 election and voted for her. The claim was echoed around Nevada Republican circles as evidence of voter fraud. Turns out, there was fraud involved because Hartle pleaded guilty to casting his wife’s ballot and took a plea deal for probation.

Voter fraud is a huge issue and should be among the harshest penalties, at least financially.

Ford said, “As a result of this guilty plea, Nevadans should not doubt that our elections are secure and the system works as it should.”

No. It isn’t effortless to say that the system works when the only reason the system found Hartle was because he had a big mouth. If he hadn’t said anything or the story wasn’t made public, it would have been swept under the rug because nobody would have known unless there was an audit of the election. Then, and only then, would a question have been asked.

Hillary Clinton jumped on the bandwagon and tweeted, “Voter fraud is such a myth that its most outspoken critics have to commit the fraud themselves to find an example of it.”

It’s interesting that Clinton thinks that voter fraud is a myth. The case proves that it isn’t a myth and showed everyone what mail-in ballots and lack of audits in the voter registration system could have when checks and balances aren’t in place. It took months to investigate and find out that Hartle had committed voter fraud, and since it did, there needs to be a seamless way to investigate and charge individuals who are committing the fraud. Voter identification would be a great way.

According to Vote Riders, you don’t have to have an identification to vote in Nevada. With that, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place if there was a law requiring it to vote.
Clinton also involved herself and her staff in election manipulation in the Steele Dossier, which falsely claimed that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election. Clinton also continually argued that the 2016 election was stolen. Interesting how things can turn.