Senator Scott Hits Back On Dems For What They Are Doing To Police

When it comes to police reform, Democrats want it their way or the highway. They made that loud and clear when they walked away from the table while South Carolina Senator Tim Scott was trying to negotiate what police reform would look like.  

Scott is against defunding the police but recognizes that police reform is necessary. When push comes to shove, Democrats cave under pressure to budge and agree because their ultimate goal isn’t to negotiate at all. Instead of adopting a nonpartisan reform that may help strengthen the public’s trust in the police, they want to put their policies in front of the issue.

Police officers want to be left alone. If reform comes their way, they adjust and move forward. Leaving this issue in the balance puts officers at risk because they fail to understand their expectations. One side wants radical change and may even hold police officers accountable for that radical change before it happens, and the other side wants police reform that makes sense. When you add that on top of the Covid-19 vaccine mandates, it’s not hard to understand why police officers are quitting their career. They see an unstable future and Democrat policies making their job more dangerous.  

Take Chicago, for example. More kids have gotten shot in Chicago than died from Covid-19. That’s a shocking reality for someone who considers the results of living in a Democrat ran the city in a Democratic state. It seems like twice the risk of harm to officers when the leadership wants a “hands-off” approach to policing.  

Scott told Face The Nation that there were agreements in chokeholds, military-grade equipment, and mental health assistance. Still, when it came down to implementation, Democrats didn’t want to do anything. Scott said they walked away.  

It’s like Democrats to leave bipartisan talks with Republicans and blame them because it didn’t work out. We live in a nation where there’s no room for one-party control of anything. We have to come together and make real change for the citizens of this country, and proper policing will help communities across the country. Democrats have to get on board and accept that they aren’t always right. It’s easier said than done. 

After the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots of 2020, it’s clear that more can be done. When the George Floyd incident happened, police officers across the nation were taken back, and some agreed that he was wrong. Some disagreed, but what happened was discussions amongst officers and discussions in the top leadership of police departments that started to make a change in the way incidents happen and police engagements end. In some cases, officers showed restraint and were killed or injured. It can’t happen. In other cases, officers were too hands-on, and injuries to the suspect happened. It can’t happen either. A middle ground answer to the use of force incidents is where police engagement has to happen.  

The public also needs to realize that police are there to deal with situations with the amount of force needed. Just because it doesn’t always look pretty doesn’t mean the officer was incorrect or using too much force. Never take a situation at face value. Always consider that the officer is acting in good faith before reacting. Failure to use your head makes you not better than the bad guys.