Schools In DC Require Students To Test Negative For COVID-19 Before Returning To School

Now that the Center for Disease Control is backing off and the federal government has finally admitted that there’s not a federal solution to end the COVID-19 virus, you’re going to see the local governments stepping in and imposing rules and mandates that aren’t going to make sense. Just because someone got elected doesn’t mean that they’re a scientist, and it certainly doesn’t mean they know anything about the viral spread.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser thinks she’s got it all figured out. Children in D.C. can’t go back to school after winter break without a COVID-19 test. It shows why politicians are idiots. In New York City, the police had to be called because testing sites are shallow and take a long time. People are losing their minds because they can’t find tests for COVID-19 even if they aren’t sick. What makes Bowser think that parents will find tests for their kids to take before school? On the other hand, if kids have to wear masks in Washington, D.C. schools, what does it matter if they get a test?

Then, there’s Omicron. This particular variant of COVID-19 is very mild for almost everyone who gets it. You can take the survivability rate of 98.6% overall for every COVID-19 infection, but with Omicron, you can increase the survivability by an incredible amount. It means that it’s not the COVID-19 vaccine that will bring up the pandemic. It’s going to be her immunity from infection with Omicron. It’s not safe for everyone, but it’s the most survivable COVID-19 strain overall.

There’s also time. Schools in Washington, D.C., open up on January 3, 2022. Thank God the schools made January 3 and 4 “non-instructional days for students to allow families and staff to pick up tests.”

What’s wrong with these people?

Bowser said, “It is true that we have asked our principals and teachers to do a lot. Please, families, don’t ask them to do what could have been done on Tuesday. We’re providing the tests. We’re asking you to do the swabs, wait 15 minutes and upload the results to prove the test. That’s it.”

Since when does a city school district become a pediatrician’s office? These unchecked measures will prove that no medical freedom and personal medical decisions exist.

Rochelle Walensky, CDC director, said on December 29, “We know that PCR testing would not be helpful in this setting, as people can remain PCR positive for up to 12 weeks after infection and long after they are transmissible and infectious.”

So, what’s the point? Control? To prove that infections are higher than usual? Is it to prove a point? It is all nonsense.