Sarah Palin Considering Run for Open House Seat

Former Alaska governor and 2008 candidate for vice president Sarah Palin might be headed to Washington as the state’s sole member of the House of Representatives.

Republican Don Young passed away last week at age 88. He had served as Alaska’s House member since 1973. Elected 25 consecutive times, he was only the fourth person to represent Alaska in the House since it became a state in 1959. Young was preparing to run again in this year’s midterm elections before passing away.

Palin was being interviewed on Monday by Newsmax host Eric Bolling, who asked her if she would consider running to fill Young’s now-vacant seat.

Palin said that Young had left huge shoes to fill, considering his longevity, passion, and fighting spirit in representing Alaska and the nation. She said that he would be humbled and honored to be asked to serve in the House, and said that she would do so “in a heartbeat.”

Bolling asked Palin if she is up for the challenge of serving in the House and she compared it to President Donald Trump’s decision to run for the White House. She noted the sacrifice Trump made to run for office and said that when the media has “clobbered” you as it has with her for years it makes it easier to commit.

She acknowledged that it isn’t really possible to change the minds of the “haters,” but that made it easier to have faith in the Americans who know about her love of country. She said that a run would even be good for her family and as a result, she would be eager to serve.

It appears that there will be a crowded field of Republicans seeking to fill Young’s seat. A special election is likely to be scheduled on August 16 under the new Alaska ranked-choice voting process.

One Republican operative said that there is a sizable group of people who have been part of Young’s office in the past who think they should “inherit his seat.” Now that Rep. Young has passed away, the suitors will have to step up if they want to make a run at the seat.

Nick Begich is the first Republican who has formally announced he will run in the upcoming election, although several more are expected to commit shortly. Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy has already said he will not seek the open House seat.